Accident and Emergency

This week’s Stare of the Dog is a sobering reminder of just what a liability your boisterous pooch can be when exposed to the innocent and unsuspecting general public. There are no accompanying pictures either, Dudley has asked that I refrain from publishing any whilst court cases are still live etc. First up - and... Continue Reading →

Dirty Weekender

An endless ribbon of grey has been Dudley’s focal point this week – or more accurately, the weekends that book ended it. For a change, this particular shade of grey was not Manchester’s rain pregnant clouds but a view of both ends of the M6 from a car window. For despite have attended precious few... Continue Reading →

Out of Hounds

In the latest ‘Stare of the Dog’ the only place we are being taken is for a ride by the hound himself. Not in the literal sense of course but metaphorically speaking he’s been laughing at us since we picked him up last year. For as many readers will agree, the arrival of a new... Continue Reading →

The Mersey Beaten

I recently caught the ‘Stare of the Dog’ pleading for a local walk involving water and other canine interests. You can tell a lot from a facial expression if you are as attuned to it as I. This walk is not a new experience for Dudley, more of an old haunt and so with a... Continue Reading →

The Constant Gardener

This week the "Stare of the Dog" looked longingly through the fence at the forbidden garden beyond. A hastily erected wooden affair standing three feet tall, the fence in question is all that stands between my green fingered graft and its total annihilation. Dudley, like many woofers, has a damage rating just south of napalm... Continue Reading →

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