The Mersey Beaten

I recently caught the ‘Stare of the Dog’ pleading for a local walk involving water and other canine interests. You can tell a lot from a facial expression if you are as attuned to it as I. This walk is not a new experience for Dudley, more of an old haunt and so with a... Continue Reading →

Appetite for Destruction

The ‘Stare of the Dog’ this time brings a cautionary tale for all Labrador owners (and other dogs too I suspect) living in the misguided belief that their pampered pooch is to be trusted with an access all areas pass about the home. For Dudley, like many a woofer would be in the demolition business... Continue Reading →

Canine Camper

On this occasion the ‘Stare of the Dog’ drew its owners away from the familiar comforts of sub-urban life to an excellent campsite in North-West Wales. Dudley’s been expressing a lot of interest for a while now in spending a night outdoors and who am I to deprive him. So with car packed high and the... Continue Reading →

The Constant Gardener

This week the "Stare of the Dog" looked longingly through the fence at the forbidden garden beyond. A hastily erected wooden affair standing three feet tall, the fence in question is all that stands between my green fingered graft and its total annihilation. Dudley, like many woofers, has a damage rating just south of napalm... Continue Reading →

Hotels are for Humans

This week the ‘Stare of the Dog’ had the look of a canine wanting his first night in a hotel and so, being the indulging owners that we are, an overnight bag was packed and off we went. The trip south to our Cotswold hotel began by shoveling Dudley into the back of our car. This inelegant operation... Continue Reading →

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