Breaking and Entering

Despite the naysayers and the doubters who regularly bemoan the crumbling of society’s very fabric, neighbourly spirit is alive and well down our street. A street where people talk and things are loaned and borrowed, mainstays of a bygone era re-awoken and juxtaposed with technologies new – our street has a Facebook page no less.... Continue Reading →

I’m Just a Jealous Guy

This week’s ‘Stare of the Dog’ exposes the green-eyed monster of jealousy I never knew lurked within me, for I’ve finally snapped under the voluminous weight of canine compliments shoveled liberally in Dudley’s direction. Given that my hygienically challenged house guest appears to attract more cooing than a pigeon loft and is far too modest... Continue Reading →

A Brave Soldier

This week’s ‘Stare of the Dog’ casts a glance at the difficult business of taking your hound to the vets, an experience that can for some dog owners be problematic and at times stressful. This was at least my own preconception of what to expect with Dudley, based on my memories of dragging our family... Continue Reading →

A Caged Beast

This week’s ‘Stare of the Dog’ takes a look at the important decision made to ‘crate train’ Dudley from a young age. For those of you outside the loop, crate training is not something undertaken by amateur rugby teams in order to ensure their members can adequately cope with a ‘24 pack’ at the 'end... Continue Reading →

Running to Stand Still

This week’s ‘Stare of the Dog’ is a reflection on man and beast’s ability to exercise together in harmony. I would consider myself a runner by habit and, given that dogs need a decent walk also, the two activities were always going to converge at some point. Besides, I would like to modestly suggest that... Continue Reading →

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