Sleepy Cuddles

This week’s ‘Stare of the Dog’ is a warm and embracing tale of snoozy delight, as I explore the joys of the sleepy cuddle. Despite being a vaunted commodity of my wife, I must confess to being somewhat ignorant of the concept before Dudley’s arrival, though needed little encouragement to get on board with it... Continue Reading →

All Parts Machine Washable

This week’s ‘Stare of the Dog’ will doubtless have the non-dog owning fraternity laughing bellicose wails of derision. A laughter made at the expense of ‘saps like me who have probably become way too soft of late. It is a story of canine comfort and refinement, as I cast an eye over the expensive litany... Continue Reading →

A Caged Beast

This week’s ‘Stare of the Dog’ takes a look at the important decision made to ‘crate train’ Dudley from a young age. For those of you outside the loop, crate training is not something undertaken by amateur rugby teams in order to ensure their members can adequately cope with a ‘24 pack’ at the 'end... Continue Reading →

Total Recall

This week the ‘Stare of the Dog’ takes another look back at Dudley’s puppyhood and in particular, explores the fond memories I have of basic training. I say basic, in the sense that my understanding of dog training is limited, whilst his ability to demonstrate it is equally sparse. Most aspects of the scant control... Continue Reading →

Sound and Vision

As promised, the 'Stare of the Dog' is focusing its gaze on the good old days of puppyhood for a while despite Dudley, understandably, seeing the whole experience as one crushingly embarrassing humiliation, rather like when your father wheels out the home videos on your wedding day. Although the sensory force driving any hound is... Continue Reading →

Selection Process

This week I thought it high time the ‘Stare of the Dog’ shot a reflective glance back at that all important puppy period. So, with my breast-bone bursting under the strain of nostalgic delight, this post and a few other future ones will take a look back at Dudley’s wee formative weeks and months. What... Continue Reading →

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