A Caged Beast

This week’s ‘Stare of the Dog’ takes a look at the important decision made to ‘crate train’ Dudley from a young age. For those of you outside the loop, crate training is not something undertaken by amateur rugby teams in order to ensure their members can adequately cope with a ‘24 pack’ at the 'end... Continue Reading →

An Ungentlemanly Act

This week, the ‘Stare of the Dog’ visits the unpleasant subject of castration, taking a look back at Dudley’s prized assets and their efficient removal. In truth, his plums were getting so large and obtrusive that it had become a reluctant necessity. Luckily for him, times have moved on, there would be no need for... Continue Reading →

Accident and Emergency

This week’s Stare of the Dog is a sobering reminder of just what a liability your boisterous pooch can be when exposed to the innocent and unsuspecting general public. There are no accompanying pictures either, Dudley has asked that I refrain from publishing any whilst court cases are still live etc. First up - and... Continue Reading →

Party Crasher

On this occasion the ‘Stare of the Dog’ was fixed firmly on the bottom of our road, where the annual street party was gathering momentum. Given his only contribution thus far to the event had been to half eat the invite as it dropped through our post box, we decided the best place for Dudley was... Continue Reading →

Dirty Weekender

An endless ribbon of grey has been Dudley’s focal point this week – or more accurately, the weekends that book ended it. For a change, this particular shade of grey was not Manchester’s rain pregnant clouds but a view of both ends of the M6 from a car window. For despite have attended precious few... Continue Reading →

Out of Hounds

In the latest ‘Stare of the Dog’ the only place we are being taken is for a ride by the hound himself. Not in the literal sense of course but metaphorically speaking he’s been laughing at us since we picked him up last year. For as many readers will agree, the arrival of a new... Continue Reading →

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