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Marathon Mondays

With my passion for chronicling the mayhem and chaos of Dudley taking a back seat for a few weeks this summer and a marathon looming in the autumn, I have decided to serialise my training and preparation for the race with a few blogs of a non-canine kind. I'll not be boring people with a... Continue Reading →

Sleeping ‘Ruff’

Regulars to this parish will have instantly noted the change in format, as Dudley and I are shaking things up a bit. You'll still find crazy little insights into life on planet Labrador here, and especially on Sunday mornings, but they'll be shorter and probably less frequent. Instead, I'm trying desperately to find time to... Continue Reading →

A Haul of Smalls

This week’s ‘Stare of the Dog’ comes with an adult theme and a shocking public admission; my pet is a pervert. That’s right, I’ve decided to break Dudley’s confidence and expose his more sordid and nefarious habits to the world, for I believe would-be Labrador owners deserve to know exactly what they are letting themselves... Continue Reading →

The Fire Starter

This week’s ‘Stare of the Dog’ takes a look at the subject closest to any Labrador’s heart, food. That is at least, in the loosest sense, for the tawdry tale I intend to tell involves the consumption of a good many quite frankly inedible substances devoured over the years by the gannet like protagonist of... Continue Reading →

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