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Breaking and Entering

Despite the naysayers and the doubters who regularly bemoan the crumbling of society’s very fabric, neighbourly spirit is alive and well down our street. A street where people talk and things are loaned and borrowed, mainstays of a bygone era re-awoken and juxtaposed with technologies new – our street has a Facebook page no less.... Continue Reading →

Repeat Offender

Repeat Offender A cheeky grin and a winning smile can go a long way in life, especially when the face behind them belongs to an adorably cute chocolate Labrador. That said, in a recent episode, my faithful and fur lined companion tested the maxim to the limit. Not content with skittling a good friend of... Continue Reading →

Marathon Mondays

With my passion for chronicling the mayhem and chaos of Dudley taking a back seat for a few weeks this summer and a marathon looming in the autumn, I have decided to serialise my training and preparation for the race with a few blogs of a non-canine kind. I'll not be boring people with a... Continue Reading →

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