Repeat Offender

Repeat Offender

A cheeky grin and a winning smile can go a long way in life, especially when the face behind them belongs to an adorably cute chocolate Labrador. That said, in a recent episode, my faithful and fur lined companion tested the maxim to the limit.

Not content with skittling a good friend of mine down a flight of stairs last year at a cost of one broken rib and a near bedridden Christmas, I am afraid to report to regular readers that young Dudley struck again only last week.

In a text book move lifted straight off the pages of ‘Bad Parenting Monthly’ (or Uncle-ing in this case), I had trusted the hound implicitly to get on with ‘playing nicely’ with my four year old niece whilst I sat at work on the computer nearby. “Such a modern scene,” I hear you all cry. To Dudley’s credit, spirits amongst the two protagonists were high and, on such a hot summer’s day when I suspect his top priority was sleep, he coped well with the heavy handed patting and general gibber jabbering chatter coming his way from my niece like white noise.

That was, until things moved up a gear, up the stairs to be precise. Again, more textbook child minding tips here for would-be babysitters. “Always allow ‘out of sight and unsupervised’ playtime on stairways and other uneven surfaces between small children and large dogs,” page 26 for those seeking clarity.

Sure enough, and with form in this arena already, what came next ought not to have surprised me. An impish yelp by Dudley first aroused me from my travails, no doubt the result of a probe too far from his youthful playmate. Then, no sooner had my head lifted upwards and my eyes come through 90 degrees than I saw a four year old’s frame sliding backwards on all fours down the last three rungs of the stairs. Her progress was quick yet lumpy, more bounce than ooze, like one of those neat coiled spring toys designed for that purpose.

Seeing the whole episode play out in slow motion and knowing just how indestructible my niece is, I knew the tears that followed would be those of fright rather than pain. And so, I headed straight for the sobbing pool on the floor, waved a faux accusatory finger at Dudley, who by now had taken on the role of pantomime villain and escorted her back to her parents, a move you’ll also find in the handbook.

The following public inquiry recorded an open verdict, but I happen to think young Dud is now a repeat offender.


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  1. Reblogged this on Dogs ljfe and commented:
    Ha ha thats hilarious sooo funny and the picture to boot you.ll have to excuse my igronance on not bloging before now i amm new to blogs and websites and am like a pre – schooler when contributing but i just would like to say your a great writer and very funny keep up the good work. Im building a website at and would love if you could give me any tips in my crusade have a great day
    Regards Richard O’sullivan

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    1. That’s so very kind of you to say. I am currently on a train tapping away on a phone screen – not my forte…but will indeed offer you what little advicebI can think of when back at my desk. Many thanks for stopping by and if you need any guest blogging…..

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      1. Yes thank you for your replying and excuse my delay in getting back to you my computers down so am using my mobile. I really need to spend more time with dogiesljfe but im so busy with other things but im going to definetly put 3 hours a day aside to blog reply and update and it was a pleasure. If you could help me with anything like that it would be kindly appreciated thank you

        Regaurds R O’sullivan


      2. That is exactly it…time! It’s what everyone says, me included. I think the best bits of advice I could offer are to firstly, use the delay publishing feature. This allows you to get ahead of yourself and upload blogs in advance. Secondly, have a target, one blog a week, a day, whatever it is and then set aside a period of time to dedicate to it….best of luck.


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