Marathon Mondays

With my passion for chronicling the mayhem and chaos of Dudley taking a back seat for a few weeks this summer and a marathon looming in the autumn, I have decided to serialise my training and preparation for the race with a few blogs of a non-canine kind.

I’ll not be boring people with a ‘step by step account of the process, as that would be just plain dull, unless written with Hunter S Thompson-esque wit and razor sharp irreverence. Instead, I plan to spend the next few months telling anyone who’ll listen what my tips and hints are as I progress along my own marathon journey, though of course nobody is under any obligation to test them out.

And who am I to have the temerity to attempt this feat of public instruction? No one special, just an ordinary guy who loves blogging, jogging and dogging. Alright, so the last one’s not true, as anyone familiar with the term or the TV series Car Share will be relieved to hear. Delete ‘dogging,’ replace with ‘dogs.’ That’s better. I’m an ordinary guy who likes blogging, jogging and dogs. Now, back to the median term here, jogging.

I’ve done plenty over the years, all of it recreational and most of it not taken too seriously. When I limber up to the start line of the Hull Marathon in September, it’ll be my second road event over the distance, following the successful completion in 2010 of Nottingham’s equivalent. Keeping that medal company on the sideboard are two others for finishing mountain marathons, three more for staggering through the tape at different British ultra-marathons and finally, languishing amongst a pile of other odour rich running gear in my bottom drawer is a T-shirt with the words ‘UTMB CCC Finisher – 2013’ written across the front.

Time-wise, back in 2010, I jammed a foot in the sub-four hour door, managing to hold it open just long enough to squeeze through in 3hr58 or thereabouts. Clinging to the belief that old father time takes longer to catch up with endurance athletes, I am hoping to romp around the streets of the 2017 City of Culture at similar speed, or better still, faster. Who knows, we’ll see.

Exactly what I’ll have to offer the reading public on the complex and nuanced topic of marathon running I am unsure, but I’m aiming for a post per week every Monday, which should give me around 16 in total. If like Paula Radcliffe’s now infamous 2005 London attempt I discover that I am only creating crap at the halfway point, I promise I’ll retire early. Until then, I hope you enjoy ‘stareoftheJogger’s Marathon Mondays. The first one will be posted shortly.



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  1. My only tip for preparing for a marathon (not that you asked, but I’m just offering all the same) is to call a cab. 26 miles (nearly 42 Km??) Are you insane?! Maybe Dudley is trying to save you from yourself. 😇


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