Although a teacher by trade, I finally acknowledged the writer within me back in 2017. And with the help of a good friend, one either brave or mad enough to entrust me with three pages of her fledgling ‘North Wales Magazine’ to fill each month, writing has quickly become a sizeable itch in need of a regular scratch.

Speaking of things that need a regular itch and a scratch, Dudley, the hapless chocolate Labrador my long suffering wife and I share a home with boldly stepped forward into the spotlight to provide me with another writing outlet – one in the shape of the ‘Stareofthedog’ blog. More than just an intentional pun, the hound’s mesmerising gaze felt like an excellent starting point for a blog about his antics.

So, armed with a seemingly endless diet of calamitous canine mishaps and hilarious moments to chronicle, ‘Stareofthedog’ quickly became another opportunity to write regularly. Besides, it’s not just about me. I also happen to think that Dudley’s a bit of a self-publicist and is just waiting for someone to serialise his wildest moments. Too bad if I’m wrong about this because I’m doing it anyway. We hope you enjoy.


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